That’s it. All over.

Summer I mean, what there was of it. But now its chilly and the days are shorter there is little excuse  for those of us who work at home; we have just got to get on with it.

I’m reminded of that lovely actor Christopher Reeve. Remember him? Superman. He had a dreadful accident falling from a horse I think which left him completely, physically disabled for the rest of his foreshortened life. But that’s not why I remember him.

Like me, he was a keen yachtie and owned a lovely boat. No surprise there! Anyway, once he became famous he told his agent he would work as long and as hard as required on any project that seemed good and paid well provided, he was not required to do anything during the sailing season. Once the sun shone and the wind was right he decamped to his boat and headed south. End of. Studios could call, offer money, plead, threaten, made no difference. He was on his boat being a sailor. He left the actor Christopher Reeve on the landing stage and would be back to climb into that skin once the autumn (fall?) came. A very wise man.

You see the comparison though. He was famous, wealthy, talented, good looking and a keen sailor. And me? I’m a keen sailor too but now the summer has gone, like Superman its back to work with a vengeance. No checking the synoptic charts, searching for a break in the weather. No ‘Just nipping down to the boat to check her over’ and not coming back for a week or two. As a writing friend of mine (Chris Stovell) says when asked how to write a book: Apply bum to seat and get on with it.

Watch out seat-incoming bum!

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