Mo and Edgar

You’ve heard of the Oscars, you’ve heard of the Tonys but have you ever heard of the Edgars?
No? Well let me enlighten you. The Edgars are a really prestigeous literary award in the USA and the reason I bring them up now is that somebody I used to know has just won the Edgar for Fiction. She is Mo Hayder and her winning book is called Gone. Ms Hayder is the author of any number of gruesome crime books, probably best known for ‘Birdman.’ Mo, for I shall call her that despite it being her Nom de Plume was on the same Creative Writing course as me and a thoroughly nice person she was too. Most unlike how you would imagine her if you read any of her books.
But why Edgars? They are named after Edgar Allan Poe, a literary giant of the Americas. A bit odd perhaps but better than calling them the Poes I suppose.
Anyway, well done Mo.

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