May Day

Its the first of May so where are all the maypoles? Used to be that Pathe News always showed little children garlanded with wild flowers weaving intricate patterns with their ribbons at this time of year. Then, courtesy of the now defunct and not much late-lamented Soviet Union we had images of tanks and missiles trundling through the streets of Moscow. I also recall Harold Wilson making Mayday some sort of Socialist holiday.
So what do we have now? Nothing as far as I can see. In these days of National Sausage Day, Free the World from Antidisestablishmentareanism Month and the like it would be nice to have the old maypole back don’t you think? On the other hand I suppose if I went to watch the little kiddies cavorting on the village green I’d be photographed, DNA’d and filed under some Agatha’s Law or the other as a potential paediphile ( I always think that sounds like one of those smart little books Yuppies carried around back in the distant past.)
Maybe its best we have nothing after all.

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