Look! Boonie is nearly here

Available 3rd January, 2013

Sorry for the gap in communications all you faithful followers but I’ve been laid up with a nasty attack of shingles. It’s sort of grown-up chicken pox and take it from me it’s not to be recommended.

In the meantime all those nice people at Hot Key have been working away getting Boonie ready for launch on 3rd January so now it’s up to me do my bit.

You will see there’s a nice picture of the cover here now. I’m really grateful to Jet and his team in the Design Department for that, they’ve done a splendid job don’t you think?

As a special bonus, you will find an extract of the book too. Just click this link this link and you can read the first twenty-seven pages of Boonie absolutely free. Naturally I hope that will whet your appetite and make you want to click onto one of the links, Hot Key, Waterstone’s or Amazon or maybe rush out to your local bookstore and order your very own copy.

One other thing while I’m writing. I plan to continue the story about how I came to write Boonie (see previous blog) any day soon. I’m trying to work out how to do it as a video blog which fills me with terror. So if you want a good laugh, keep checking out the site.

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