Phew, got an email today from the Editorial Director at Hot Key telling me she has passed the final, final, final edit on to one of her staff who will take the project on to print.
That may not sound much but it means, I think, that apart from a few minor tweaks and twitches ‘Boonie’ should now be in its final form.
It’s a stressful process editing your own book. I’ve done it for others but didnt realise quite how difficult it is to chop lumps out of your own purple prose.
Its a bit like showing the world your lovely new baby, everybody telling you how lovely it is, perfect in almost every way then someone suggesting that if you hack off one of its legs, poke out an eye and slice off its left ear, you know, it might be even better.
But there we are and I have given in to most suggestions by the editorial team because, I am prepared to accept that they know better than I what makes a successful book. (Blogging through gritted teeth here)
OK, OK, some of the changes have made it a better book, I’ll admit that.
So, save up your pennies everybody and be ready to splash out on a nice hardback edition of Boonie. It’s due out in January 2013 so you’ve got lots of time to save up.

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