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Hello again,

Don’t worry those of you with a nervous disposition, no video today. Mum, you’ll have to frighten the children with something else!

Now, what I’m hoping is that apart from you loyal followers there are lots of newcomers visiting my little website today.

You are all very welcome. I guess you are probably here via that kind Mr Ripley at or possibly from Hot Key’s blog at and are looking for the Book Giveaway competition.

Well, here it is.

Win a signed hardback copy now!
Win a signed hardback copy now!

This is all you have to do to win a sparkling new signed first edition hardback of BOONIE.

1. Click on the Books menu tab at the top of the page and choose BOONIE.

2. Click on ‘The Beginning‘ and you will see before your eyes, the opening chapters of BOONIE.

3. Now, answer this simple question: ‘Where was JD’s family shack located?’

4. When you have the answer, fill in the Giveaway Entry form and put in your answer together with your name and email address. (I’ll need that to contact you if you win.)

5. Enter a nice comment where it says Leave a Comment, at the bottom of the home page.

6. You have to live in the UK to enter. Sorry to those who don’t.

That’s it! The Giveaway ends on 31st March 2013. I’ll read every entry and every comment. Whoever gets the question right and whose comment I like best wins the book. Good luck and I hope to be contacting you in early April.

Oh Yes, one more thing. I’ll be keeping everybody up to date on Twitter so if you want to click Follow Richard on Twitter to see whats going on.

Good luck.

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