The Stone Caravan

Among the bombsites of east London, Robbie and his mates Benny  and Dave play out their fantasies. They  escape from PoW camps and fly pretend Spitfires just as most kids did in the 1950’s. Then there is a robbery in their street and Benny’s dad gets arrested. The boys know that this is all wrong and that Mr Zingaro has only been picked out because he’s a gypsy so they set out to discover what really happened. This is all pretty harmless until the murder. Then their lives and those of everybody around them are turned up side down.

Join Robbie, Dave and Benny as they grow up in post Second World War Britain and see how lessons learned in childhood stay with you throughout your life.

The Stone Caravan is suitable for children aged from about 12+ and adults of all ages.

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