The Battenberg Conspiracy

Who really started the Second World War and why? Who had most to gain from a conflict between the countries of Europe and Nazi Germany?

This book suggests something you might not have thought of, how a number of frustrated and envious groups may have colluded to bring about the most extensive conflict the world has ever known.

What would you do if you stumbled on such a plot as Alexander Falconer did in 1937?

This fascinating tale set a few years before the start of the war tells how one man discovered one fact and then another and another. It was like peeling an onion; layer after layer until the unbelievable scale of the conspiracy became apparent.

And once you’ve found out what was going on who would you tell? Would anybody believe you? How would you know that after everything you’ve discovered that you could tell the truth about what you know? You might be telling one of the conspirators and then what? Would all the danger and pain be wasted? Would you just be removed as others had been before you?

Alexander’s gripping story makes compelling reading; an un-put-downable tale of intrigue and danger set in the carefree 1930s.

Expected to be ready shortly The Battenberg Conspiracy will change the way you think about WWII. Watch the website for news of this book.

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