Perfect Day

Simon Blake is a man of our time. You’ve all met him, brash, cocky, got it all. Then his world starts to crumble and really, who cares? Don’t we like to see people like him get his come-uppance? Everything he has achieved begins to fall away so now perhaps he’ll understand that his own smug self image is not necessarily how others see him. Of course he’s really a coward and after everything goes pear shaped he runs away to the last remaining part of his got-it-all life, his holiday cottage in Cornwall. Still everything continues to go badly wrong but eventually someone from his past turns up who is even worse off than he. Choc is in real trouble, has been horribly mutilated and is on the run from…well, just about everybody. Two losers together you might say and they deserve all they get but another loser, Wall Eye Thomas seems to offer them a way out. Or does he?

Perfect Day has it all. Humour, excitement, danger and roars on from page to page. Try the first chapter and see what you think. If you want more put your details on the bulletin list and I’ll let you know about how you can get the whole thing.

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